We use proven methodology and consider it our prime mission to transfer competence and knowledge to our clients. Together with our clients we create cost-effective solutions within life science through customized approaches using our knowledge and long experience in the pharma industry. We have good experience of when modeling and computational work are fruitful and central to some of the offered services below.

  • In drug discovery we can reduce cost by predicting virtual compound properties, filter libraries and thus reduce the total costs for synthesis and experimental work. We can also build local models for predicting compound properties from customer data.
  • In drug development we can model animal and human pharmacokinetics and help plan and write regulatory documents.
  • In single cell investigations we have experience from statistical analysis of microscope time lapse photos “live cell imaging” of human cancer cells using fluorescence labelling techniques.
  • In microbial cell cultivation we have extensive experience around optimizing feeding strategies and use of on-line measurement techniques at lab, pilot as well as production scale up to 12 m3 mainly for recombinant strains of: S. cerevisiae and E. coli, but also for some anaerobic strains.
  • In process characterization we can apply design-of-experiments procedures to client investigations and calculate the design space that accounts for process uncertainty.
  • In process validation we can apply risk-based approaches to focus of efforts of the customer.
  • In analysis of production data we can use six sigma and other statistical methods as well as dynamical simulations to provide insight and suggest improvements.
  • In process control engineering we can help the customer to structure the process description of batch processes in terms of the S88-standard and help the customer to utilize the flexibility of today’s high-level receipt driven configuration of control systems. Educated in GAMP5. We can also help evaluating the configuration of control loops as well as actual tuning, using modern control theory and dynamical simulation.

Our expertise in control engineering and statistics can very well be used in other areas of engineering and with the right customer we are interested to go into other fields.

Software used: Python and Matlab for general calculation and visualization; Minitab, Modde, for statistics and DOE, and Qlucore Omics Explorer for big data; SQLite, QlikView, Filemaker Pro for data base; and Modelica for simulation of dynamical system in general; Simulation Plus software can be used for the simulation of drug pharmacokinetics in humans and animals. License costs for some software will be taken by the customer.

Roles: project leader, investigator, scientific advisor, lecturer, supervisor.

Customers include: Octapharma AB, Biovitrum AB, Karolinska Institute, Qlucore AB, Cobra Biologics AB, Linköping University, Captozymes, OxThera AB. Reference to earlier work on request.

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